Isaac Amare Aregawi

December 15 1998 - Ethiopia
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Where would I be without you?
Where would I be if you did not love me?
Where could I go if I do not love you?

I love poetry written to me
More love and poetry bless thee

What better way to communicate?
What better hiding place than verse?

I knew not how selective you were with your company
I was blinded by all the love shown to me
In your verses and melodies you hid me

Mother to me
You taught me how to love
And all the girls loved me

Daughter to me
I looked after your life everyday
You enlivened me in every way

Sister to me
I cried to you
I confided in you
And you comforted me

I have grown inseparable from your company
I pray you continue loving me
Bless me with your sweet melodies
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