inashi gamage

October 1o, 2006- Sri lanka
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Love is a sin

A hallow feeling that strikes in one's heart,
A strike that make one doubt themselves.
Taken or not a feel is a feel,
With none other than the fault of the heart,poor mind!
A world full of cold blocked eyes searching for a fault,
Who see the hallow, unhallowed.
One who should fall out, falls in,
Is it heart's fault, it's not, but the fault is possession.
One should have monomania, that's what they say,
But why to control with in the heart,
It should be controlled (they say)
But why when it's all with in,
And no one else knows or hurt,the pain is all mine.
But they say that the inner beast might set free
And that innocent heart will be sinned.
It's all they who say and I listen,
So that I will not engage in that sin called love.

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