Ian McCleary

1992 Morristown, NJ
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A Middle Course

It always seems there are too many issues to pick from when we come in contact with the media. The problem arises, that of knowing which issue to track at all hours of the day?
I don't know, with everything that is happening, I wonder if Government has reached it's conclusion, that it is no longer the effective instrument it once was proven to be.
Just as there are still many people who feel passionately about politics, there are also many who have become indifferent to it and for obvious reasons. A majority of people do not feel that government effects their daily lives in any noticeable way. They go about their lives as if the government doesn't exist at all. I think that there is merit to having this type of attitude, even though it can have an effect on the type of Democracy we have. Let it settle itself, is a good saying for this kind of outlook.
When politics is turned into an existential struggle for life, then after awhile it loses the effect it is looking to have. People grow tired of it because nothing ever seems to get better it always seems to get worse. It breeds extreme pessimism on the one hand and false hope on the other.
If new parties are created that are more moderate politically on the spectrum and more centrist, then perhaps maybe more people will participate in future Democracy. No Labels is an example of this, which will be on the 2024 Presidential Ticket. Republicans need to be more open to liberal ideas and Democrats need to be more open to conservative ideas on government. They would then represent more of what the people want because most people are generally more heterogeneous in their thoughts/beliefs, than what you generally see by the media.
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