Hrisit Chowdhury

July 21, 2001- Durgapur, West Bengal, India
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A day will come, the end of your run
when your life will be almost done.
You will recall your weak memories,
some will be of fun and other of worries.
rest will be gone, but will stay a frown.
You will think of the days of class
where you made total fuss,
You will think of the proposal
that time it was quite colossal!
I will come to your mind then
memories of us will strike again-n-again.
You will laugh on those childish act
and regret for the way you react.
But those will be all gone
so will be you, left alone with memories few
waiting for your last turn in the queue!
nothing will be left to come
very well you knew;
but still you will hope for some.
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