Hébert Logerie

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My Color Is Naturally Human

Do you think your colors matter?
My beautiful shades do not matter
Because my natural color is human
And I am a being created in the image
Of the Almighty God. I am like a page
With a rainbow in his heart. I am a man
Who’s proud to be who he is. Color is not
Important for me. I am interested in knowing
You as a person, if you’re kind because I have a lot
To share with you: my life experiences travelling
On earth. I don’t care for your accent either, mine is
Not like yours. As long as we understand each other
That’s what counts. Our color is simply a skin, a cover
It‘s like a permanent vest that we wash with ease
In order to maintain good hygiene, so we can enjoy
Life to the fullest. My color brings me a lot of joy
In the sun. Is your color immensely important to you?
If so, go to the cemetery to take a look at some colors
Now, answer the last question. If your color really matters
You are in denials. Personality is the most important picture
That evidently interests me. Good character is the nature
Of what I like. Wisdom and humility will take us to heaven
In the meantime, let’s relax like family members in the den.
Copyright © January 2020, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved.
Hébert Logerie is the author of several poetry collections.
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