Hannah Woerner

02/28- Marshalltown
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I was asked a lot this week what I had done.
Where the cut on my arm came from, what I could have done to get it.
I didn't lie.
I kept the secrets inside but I didn't lie
I'm trying to stop lying
at least not about that
But when they ask about my day
when they ask if I'm okay
I can't stop lying yet, not about that
I'm trying to stop lying to let people in
but keep them at a distance so they can't see so they can't win
It's just a scratch I said.
They don't believe me
What scratched you they wanted to know
So I lied. I said I did not remember, it was so long ago, almost
three days ago, how could I remember
It's funny how much damage you can do to yourself if you think about it
I bite my nails, I dont like cuts. so they wonder
What they dont know
What I havent told them
What I havent told anyone
Blunt nails can leave scars if you are determined enough

I was smarter this time, I didn't scar where they can see
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