Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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The Entombment

A woman of virtue
Is no more;
A woman loved by all.
A wife and, doubtless,
A great mother.
Surreptitiously death’s taken
Her away from us.

Your living body I reminisce,
Not your cadaver.
I’ve been to a mortuary
But never thought you’d be there someday;
Biers and coffins I’ve seen;
But are you supposed
To be in the coffin, mum?
You promised to be with me
Forever, but here I am mourning
Before your cadaver, not the mother
That always wiped my tears.

Mother! Mother!
My heart is bleeding.
I wished to celebrate
Your birthday, not your funeral.
The world is wicked;
Why did my mum have to
Pass on?

I am surrounded
By persons I know not,
Lamenting and growling.
Melancholy is the order
Of the day, mother-
See what your demise has caused;
Anguish and heartbreak.
We are all here to
Say good night,
Not because we planned to,
But because we have to.
As we entomb you,
Together we say, Adieu!
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