Godwins Ratlabala

Northern Province, South Africa

An Opinion

It is how he wants to say
Which determines the poet's best way,
Of presenting what he wants to write,
That exactly distinguishes it well from trite.
Poetry is new sayings from old sayings,
Written in the most original style,
Which effectively appeals to the reader
Like the swaying eloquence of a leader,
By his accuracy, poignancy and precision
That matches the mathematical definition
Of a straight line.
The language of poetry is so unfamiliar
That it is its typically peculiar
Arrangement and order of words,
Which give the poetry
Its characteristically classic nature
That gives the poet his literary stature
By conveying a memorable meaning
Into the mind and memory,
By the words overwhelming impact.
Every poet knows
That accuracy, incisiveness, brevity, clarity and lucidity,
In speech and writing,
Are the living soul
Of concinnity, ingenuity, pithiness and wit,
Best illustrated by the Sapiential books of the Holy Writ.
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