January 4,1989 Kigoma, Tanzania
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I will teach them

The master of all,memory is
Cause from it
Derived is happiness and sadness
But cause i have remembered
I will teach them to love and care.

Countless hours
In the waiting room i were
Until i knocked again and again
But escorted by the rain of words
Telling me that "This is the people's office
And so, be obedient. "
My brain sounded and i said
I will teach them to love and care.

Keeping his words as souvenir
Waiting i made till he came nearer
And he said that
"enter now and hasten to say what you want ."
In my stomach,there flied butterflies
But luckily,there heard a voice which said
"Stand up,stand up and stand up
Because the truth is always on the march ."
And so i swore that
I will teach them to love and care.

"To ask i have come"
The answer i said,
The national income
How is spent?"
And i introduced myself that
I am a countryman.

They baptised me another name
Cause before departing,i heard them saying
"You walking lame
You don't feel shame
Uneducated dog
What national income for?
Bitterly happy,i laughed
Answering his quest

The officer spited at me
And said,
"Go away you walking corpse"
But as long as i remember
The words of the voice
I will teach them to love and care.

Me,like the rat chased by cat
for stealing its cake
Indolently i walked
But on the way
The voice of truth conquered me
And praised me much
Hence i sang a song of
And i will teach them to love and care.
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