Gloria Molina

October 21, 2001 - Spain
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"A World We Finally Recognise"

I look around and behold
A world I recognise no more,
Where power, selfishness and wealth
Are more important than public health,
Where bombs, grenades and explosion
Overpower peace, freedom and emotion.
It's a world ruled by inequalities and despair,
Where no one knows the meaning of prayer.

And now, tell me: who can help
Those who have escaped
And have left behind their land
While saying farewell to a vanishing hand?
Nobody can.
Unless we understand
that humility, charity and piety
are the keys to redeem society.

And now, I tell you:
Even when no dreams can be pursued,
even when there is even more to lose,
there is still a feeble ray of light
that, I’m sure, will incite
us to work, and will
advise us on how to proceed.

But if we lose sight of it,
and only focus on the conflict
nothing else will matter,
because humankind will scatter
rather than work together
for the future that we want forever.

Now, I beg you, work towards that hope.
Long and tough is the road,
but one helping hand
is better than none.
Burdens may weigh us down,
but if we all strive
We could, one day, look around
and see a world we finally recognise.
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