Gautam Krishna

September 4th, 1990 - India
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Biography of Gautam Krishna

He sits where he always sits. In the corner by the wall where he can sip his tea and watch the others play in their little arcade machines. He writes or else intends to write while he checks Facebook and his email until overcome by guilt he actually decides to write. He used to relish these moments, the arcade moments, his new found talent, they were easy afternoons full of artistic feeling and a new realm to dose of his vain. He was doing it. Finally doing it. But then life continues and the arcade became the office and writing, as all activity eventually becomes, his work. It was good work, work he was good at, but still. Work. Two valuable years. He wonders if it will amount to anything. There are some days when he sits, watching the people, listening to some semi-obscure band, and something clicks and he is overcome by gratefulness. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this life.” His passion for games is ever so thrilling. He still believed he had a long way to go. One spring day when the buds are in the trees and he walks in the town square, brainstorming or talking to a business contact, and he marvels that he is alive and gets to experience moments. Most of the time, at his best, he is only able to say, “Thank you for the pain. Thank you for the toil. Thank you for the confusion and boredom and hopes not achieved, not achieved yet.” The problem with desire is that you either have too much or too little, rarely just enough. Today though, he is content. His honor and pain has carried him through the roads not taken. Today, he listens to a plane fly overhead. There is a clock ticking mechanically nearby. He stretches his neck back and opens his chest to breathe deep. His phone buzzes but he ignores it. For today, he has become what he always dreamed for. For today, he is a professor. He has earned his title to nurture these young minds to be profound individuals in the industry. He hasn’t given up. For the road is ever so long. Design. Games. Emergent Technology. He wants to learn them all. His enthusiasm to learn and his potential to write has given him a meaning. A meaning to thrive, a means to show the world of his unfathomable imagination.