Gabrielle Maritz

December 22.1999-south africa

Stand up

boy i know your still young
i know you got it all
but i can see it in your eyes
you don't know who to call
i wish i could teach you
all that you need to know
cause i know what your feeling
and i can tell you where to go

its ok little man
you don't have to hurt
if i could only teach you
to throw those feelings in the dirt
those voices that tell you
you should just give up

you give up so fast
no wonder you get stuck in a trap

i know its really not your fault
that you feel this way
cause iv seen what you go through every day
those voices tell you go
they tell you to give up
every time you start
its all there in a flood
boy i know you try
and try try again
but please remember
what i say when that's all your thinking

don't give up
show your proud
even in the dark
shine your light
and shout out loud
you are strong
you are smart
you can do anything
even when the world just seems to be sinking

i know your being pushed by people in your life
and there whats making you feel this way inside
they keep screaming at you from the top
and if its not right they tell you to give up
but you don't have to hurt
you can shout at the top of your lungs
if you carry on
and let your heart be your guide
when you get up to the top
when you've defeated them all
those people who hurt you and pushed you to fall

please know your not alone
and you never have to stop
believe in yourself
you know what you've got
work hard and be patient
because nothing good is created in a second

when you fall get up
and keep on going
you don't know what will be waiting for you

don't belittle yourself
and spend the whole night crying
you learnt to do that
from those people that were lying
the ones who told you you couldn't do it
and the people who wouldn't help you through it
they made you feel small
and gave you the wrong directions
I'm telling you to stand tall
and see through that reflection
because you can do anything you set your mind to
and i hope that is what your going to do
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