Fyodor Ivanovic Tyutchev

5 December 1803 – 27 July 1873 / Ovstug

There Is A Song

There is a song in the sea waves,
A concord - in the spats of nature,
And a reed, by a tune of rustle captured,
In the flood of music gently sways.

Here all obtains a vital bid,
A full accordance reigns in nature,
Just in the pseudo-freedom's rapture
We feel at large discord with it.

From where did this disorder fling?
And why, O Lord, in a strain that.s common,
Has soul a difference its own,
With a tune that a reed and a sea a-sing.

Why, on the earth and the farthest star,
The voices crying in the barrens -
The souls' desperate rebellions -
Have no answers so far?
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