Franklin J. Warren

1926 / Prescott, Arizona

Gravity & Age

Gravity is starting to take its toll,
My body is shrinking, I'm getting old,
Store baggers no longer ignore me, instead,
From the "May I help you out" my heart has bled.

No longer am I a potential mate,
Just an old man awaiting his fate,
The condescending kindness offered by youth,
While at the same time remaining aloof.

Yet in this old man thoughts run pell mell,
Some very enticing and clear as a bell,
They not knowing of my youthful mind,
They just reacting and being kind.

If they knew they would gasp,
And act as if bitten by an Asp,
Never realizing that someday they will be,
At the same age and as frustrated as he.

Thus Gravity and Age is unrelenting,
Now difficult to find someone consenting,
But beware for today if they do,
A gift of Death may be given to you!
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