Favilla Mayhearth

October 12
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All of All

And they all walk together, and they all feel pain.
And they all mend together - a harmony of collective solitude.
And they see lights, and they fear darkness,
and they see life through blue stained glass.
They all float on the same rock out in space, far away, but they cannot see
they're prisoners here on Earth - they can't leave.
They walk this place, this enormous graveyard, yet they see life.
And their steps mark bones of the deceased, the rotting corpses beneath us.
And they couldn't choose to leave, even if they wanted so,
And they see everything and nothing at all.
And their heaven is white, oh, so white!
And their hell is pure, oh, so pure!
and they all hope, they all breathe, they all cry
and they're in the storm, and they fall apart,
and they believe in destiny, and they believe in luck,
and they're all, oh, so truly alone.
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