Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Yellow Fire

It rose as if by heart's desire;
For a morning aglow, a need was dire.
Like a pin prick to the heart, you feel
A beauty nothing can conceal.

It blazed within a sky so clear;
So brilliant it caused a tear.
And down it poured;
The tranquil earth restored.

Such a morning--to feel its glare!
So lovely when the weather's fair.
To lie upon a morning chaise;
At shimmery skies to gaze.

It beamed as if by God's command;
And people laughed in the sand.
Dispelled the mist; the flowers bloomed;
In different colors were they costumed.

It came as if from deepest wish,
With intensity that was feverish.
I dreamt the earth moved round and round--
Yellow fire blazed without a sound.
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