Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Very Fine Imagery

I was touring the lovely countryside, once on a golden Saturday,
Lost within the raptures, of languid summertime's scenic display.

And I came into the vicinity, of a beautiful historic old home,
So being curious and interested, inside I occasioned to roam.

Excitedly I wandered about, exploring the grandeur everywhere,
And when done down below, I climbed the burgundy carpeted stairs.

In awe of its splendor and beauty, I viewed the portrait hall,
As many proud faces of yesterday, then held me in their thrall!

The esteemed personages peered down, in all of dignity and grace,
As if the past yet lived, in this proud and historic old place.

And the sun had not yet set, on the glory of their gladsome days,
For sweet memory lives on, in a multitude of mysterious ways!

Curious to see more below, I descended the plush velvet stair;
And entered an odd hall of mirrors, with gilded frames so rare.

At the end of the red carpeted hall, a huge doorway led outside;
And windows let in late daylight, on each of the opposing sides.

Having ended a charming tour, I left by the nearest handy route,
Which was the doorway that ended, Mirror Hall without a dispute.

Once out in the cool evening, I saw the sun setting in the east;
The scenery was reversed as well, very shocking to say the least!

The flowers once blooming on the left, now bloomed upon my right.
I could not make sense of it, though I tried with all my might.

The doors to the home were now locked, with no way to get back in,
And no reversing of my steps, to see if logic would return again.

All I could do was locate my car, after which I returned home.
If only I'd stayed there today, I'd not be in reversal syndrome!

On the return drive the route, and scenery were all so familiar,
Only located in the exact opposite, direction of what I remember.

After a refreshing supper, I slept peacefully through the night;
And I awoke to gay sunshine, with no clue how to end my plight.

When I looked into my mirror, my right side was now on my left,
And I gazed at myself in wonder, too astonished to feel bereft!

So I reported to my job at Nasa, not sure what else I could do,
Like the birds that feel at home, in whatever skies are true blue!

At my job as an astronaut, I learned writing was done differently-
It was performed right to left, and not in the way of my memory!

This made reading newspapers and books, a bit more of a challenge,
But it was a rewarding task, like peeling a sweet spicy orange.

East was now west and north was south, while left became the right;
And different stars winked from above, all throughout the night!

I was chosen to go on a mission, to explore the Red Planet, Mars,
A planet now in a different cosmic location, in proximity to ours.

The mission was a huge success, and an incredibly unique adventure,
For beholding the vast universe in reverse, was a memory I treasure!

Back on earth I enjoyed dancing, though the steps were different,
They were opposite to what one would expect, though still current.

I visited an art museum, and was beguiled with Mona Lisa's smile,
For instead of facing to the left, she now faced right with style!

My family and all the people I knew, were still exactly the same,
Except they belonged to another universe, beyond the silver acclaim!

Birds now flew north for winter, and sang all through saffron days,
Trilling their sweet love songs, as summer went by in fiery blaze.

Despite the charm of this new world, I really longed to go home,
Like the traveler who ever returns, to a place he's most well known.

My only idea was to return again, to the place this mystery began,
So back to the historic home I went, and this time I drove my van.

Instinctively I knew that I must, reenter again through Mirror Hall,
Like Cinderella fleeing the ball, before coming to a graceless fall!

The door was fortuitously open, and I immediately slipped inside,
Antsy that capriciousness of place, might take me on a new wild ride.

I returned to the velvet staircase, and asked about the hall of mirrors,
The attendant said there was no such hall today, nor in previous years!

Aghast, I quickly turned around, but no hall of mirrors could be seen,
Which made me pause and ask myself, just where in the world had I been?

Several years have quickly gone, and I've learned not to question why,
For some things have no answers, and as years go, mysteries multiply!
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