Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The Saint Valentine's Day Waltz

A dress of crimson and seemly scarlet,
His suit chocolaty, her gown rich velvet--
A blurry flash of diamond bracelet;
As lover waltzes with angelic starlet!

Awash in the glow of colored lights--
And the memory of stars on satin nights,
When lovers' dreams reach new heights,
And cupid is busy with all his flights!

Such an evening has surely never been,
Most beautiful waltz that ever was seen,
Fresh like the sunrise's radiant sheen--
And the dewy flowers on grass so green.

At moonlight fall, bedazzle them all,
At Fidelity's St. Valentine's Day Ball,
With the mood so giddy, like a carnival,
That celebrates love's sweet arrival!

Chocolate and red amid a spectrum of hues--
Like the rainbow that is rain's excuse.
The moon so shimmery, the stars profuse--
The indisputable death of the recluse!
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