Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

The Possibilities

One star in the heavens can
Change the course of the universe,
One smile can hold back a tear,
The key of faith can
Open the door of happiness,
And love can banish all fear.
One open heart, full of love,
Can make the hater
Hang their head in shame,
And the hawk embrace the dove!
One simple song, full of melody,
Can make the sad one
Shout with glee!
Enough encouragement and
Persuasion from me,
Can make the spiritually blind
See what I see.
I certainly can't
Count all the stars;
And I do not know the distance
From Jupiter to Mars.
But, I do hope a change takes place,
In this world of ours;
And that Mama, Daddy,
And the elders
Will know that society, not they,
Are the ones who failed us.
One hurricane can
Tear a city down.
And one committed crew,
Can build it up from the ground!
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