Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The definitive nice guy and so friendly;
Slow to burn, he coasts life easily.
A true gentleman of the first order;
And free as bluebirds on the Spanish border!

He's my brother; I have no other;
First sunbeam of my mother.
A natural born comedian to be exact,
Though not many are aware of that fact.

Long ago, as Superman, he held me spellbound;
Flew out the window and hit the ground.
Luckily he fell from the first floor;
But Mama ran panicked out the door.

Sunny days with cousins and off to the show;
The early, early days-how late did they go?
The St. Louis days, with Mary Jean and Ardell;
And the ringing of our old school bell?

Steve's a hard worker, and calm as peace.
Wildflowers radiate life and increase;
After harsh winter comes a regeneration;
Steve was the first of our generation.
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