Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Out of Time

It was a beautiful day for a picnic in the park,
We all thought we would stay there until dark.

Just enjoying the peace of a late summer bliss,
Like a departing lover engages you with a kiss!

We lunched on good food, and played volleyball,
And butterflies drifted by, 'til the crickets called.

Such a vividly golden and relaxing summer's day,
But then, orange sun was finally coming our way!

My family and I gathered all of our belongings,
Making a pleasant ending of our fun day longings.

As we strolled and chattered, birds sang loudly,
Like a peacock strutting, and preening so proudly!

My family was ahead of me, and I took up the rear,
Viewing scenery, while hearing them chat with one ear.

But very suddenly, I felt the strangest sensation-
Like being jerked, quite rapidly, to another nation!

Since my voice was gone, I couldn't inform a soul,
That I'd just been swallowed by a mini black hole!

Darkness all around, except for a circular top view,
Of marshmallow cream clouds, at the evening's debut!

Laughter and butterflies and children flying kites,
There never was good reason to end summer's rites!

Concerning my family, I could only wish them well;
Would I ever see them again? Only time would tell!

Speaking of which, my watch had gotten awful slow,
It was hard to move and cramped, with nowhere to go.

Like a butterfly lies dreaming of freedom's escape,
Or the sun whispering its warmth to a ripening grape.

Then all of a sudden, I felt one tremendous jolt,
The unstable, mini black hole had begun its revolt!

I was suddenly ejected, like a ball from a cannon,
And relished the fun view, before journey was done.

Into the park's pond, I unceremoniously splashed,
Surprising many quacking ducks, whom then dashed!

Where was my family? A new dawn was now breaking,
Behind were regrets, which joy was fast overtaking!

My family didn't believe me, not even a little bit,
No proof in the corridors that have never been lit.

I was officially missing-I'd been gone three weeks!
I was quite famished, thin, and gaunt in the cheeks.

My family made me a feast, and I soon went to bed,
And the golden sun chased, until the stars had fled!
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