Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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One God

His love's our light,
His smile like a flower;
His strength our might,
In our darkest hour.

There is only one God.
In Him we hope;
Sun shines at His nod-
No more do we grope.

There is but one,
There are no others;
Gave His Son
So we'd live as brothers.

His shadow the night,
In silver moonglow;
Sparked northern lights-
The evening rainbow.

When terrorists attack,
In Him we believe,
Though actions demoniac
We come to grieve.

His eye on the sparrow,
In HIM we live.
Our hearts overflow,
In Him we give.

Americans answer Americans' call.
It's we who live with honor.
And they will never see the fall,
Through terror or through war.

One God, only one,
In Him we must;
As dark drops like setting sun,
In God we trust.

I wrote this poem shortly after 9/11.
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