Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Mountain Meadow

Awash in golden sunshine is jade meadow,
Beneath snow capped mountains all aglow.
Carefree breezes wander through the blooms,
Discreetly scattering the sundry perfumes.
Enamored of sapphire skies, cottony clouds,
Fabulous noonday, far from thunderclouds!
Green grass so deep, in late springtime,
Harmonies of birds, all over the daytime!
Idyllic lake, with a duck swimming there,
Jolly in his crystal world, of sky unaware.
King-sized grasshoppers bound the green,
Lavishly jade, in native grass they gleam.
Mellow, melodious and memorable morning,
Naturally lovely when the sun is dreaming!
Once or twice, brown bunnies come in view,
Perky on the picturesque, emerald avenue.
Quivering butterflies, endlessly wandering,
Restless, as is common to those on the wing.
Spicy blooms, of various kinds and colors,
Teeming in the meadow, make exotic covers!
Untouched by time, the majestic mountains,
Vast, and with beauty enjoyed by thousands.
Whimsical ladybugs, chance to roam around.
Xenial is the meadowland, without any sound.
Yellow-tinged is everything that's in sight.
Zealous sunshine shares with all his might!
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