Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Judy, Queen of Hearts

Olivia, Olivia, the stars ever bow to ya,
And glow like the eyes of Kind Korea;
And roses ever fall at your feet!
For now you're among heaven's elite.

By middle name Judy, you were known;
And now the fields have overgrown;
Since the days of country lane,
And Papa coming on his cane.

You're Queen of Hearts, Olivia Judith Queen,
Though you never graced a movie screen;
Since the redbirds sing of you,
And since pale skies are suddenly blue.

Your memory brightly shines in all our lives,
As a flower does when summer arrives;
And the long winter has ended,
And our broken hearts have been mended.

Persistence of memory is ever strong,
And forever plays its heart song,
And the setting sun leaves traces of its beauty,
And traces of you...Queen Judy.

In loving memory of my late aunt, Olivia Judith Queen (my namesake), who passed away in 1999.
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