Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Holy Dreamer

When velvet night has come of age,
Stars twinkle above green foliage.
Angels softly sing a heavenly song,
Of peace and an end to all wrong.

Then such magic flows in the air-
A divine being is on a silver stair;
With heart full of love from afar,
And the door to heaven is still ajar!

At her gaze, are moonbeams falling,
From deep shadows, hope is calling,
When the sunset is no longer red,
And the weary world's asleep in bed.

Ever keen to aid an earthly plight,
She dreams her dreams in the light;
And guides us towards eternal bliss,
For it is the quality that we miss!

An angel's carol sparkles in darkness,
Lending beauty to its ebony starkness.
The wondrous Christmas tale is retold,
With all the joy of glory days of old!
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