Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Hail Mary

Eternal mother whose praise I sing;
Sainted mother of the King of Kings.
She appears in visions, lovely and rare-
Hair of moonbeams, voice a prayer.

Brought forth the Light to a world asleep;
Back into the fold came long lost sheep.
In utter silence, church bells ring,
So to herald the very first spring.

Immaculate heart, love's morning flower;
Gracious love of awesome power!
Awash in sunshine, the Morning Belle;
Life is forever, no farewell.

Hail Mary and the very first sunrise,
And the Father whom it glorifies.
She is the future, she is the past;
She is the starry sky so vast.

Hail Mary and timeless love,
And showers of blessings from above,
And her presence in calm of night
That keeps us moving to the light.
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