Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Diamond Rain

Gently they fell all the ebony night,
Sparkling in the heavenly starlight;
A rare treasure from such great height,
And shining far beyond the limelight!

For diamonds fell from last eve's sunset,
As nightbirds began the love duet;
When angels descended, passion coronet!
Such a joyful rain, that was not wet!

They lay glistening on green grass,
Awaiting the wonder of any who'd pass,
And night blooms clustered all en masse,
On the sun's outskirts, where dreams mass.

Fever and chills from the fire and ice,
Excite those who've paid love's price;
Angels precious, valued and nice,
Sent in this miracle from paradise!

Holy night, from twilight's advent,
And filled with each wafting scent,
Such riches surely heaven's fragment,
Nature's exclamation and God's comment!
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