Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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In nature's realm of vivid splashes,
We were taught how to live in love,
For His pure, saving grace surpasses,
All glories of earth and stars above!

This future, our present, and the past,
With the sunshiny golden days galore,
Had each destiny sealed and forecast.
Like a heartbeat, He needs to be sure.

From naive pagan, to pious perceiving,
And crucifixion agonies, to paradise.
From dark doubting to blest believing,
New hope ever goes with rainbow skies.

All truth surrounds His holy presence,
Where evil and lies can never survive,
And such a hallowed season of radiance,
The moment of His return, will arrive!

When the church bells all ring in time,
And many hued birds will flock as one,
And all of nature is flush in its prime,
And the merciful heart of God has won!
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