Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Day of Silver Sunlight

Strange shadows had dappled this earth,
On a day beautiful in utter stillbirth!
Moonlit at noon-sun eclipsed by the moon,
Vastly, crescent sun shadows were strewn!

Then the breeze assumed a sudden chill,
At the pause in ancient ritual thrill,
On May the tenth, nineteen ninety four-
I believe that heaven was at my door!

Not since the golden midday I was born,
Had I awakened to such a jewelled morn,
Awash in a treasure of silver and gold,
It won't repeat until a century unfolds.

Birds were hush, and the people in awe,
As night had forced the day to withdraw.
The fiery sun grew dark as a blackberry,
Sensing the day had gone quite contrary.

All were actors in the great shadow play,
Even fireflies, warblers and our blue jay,
On the beauteous day of silver sunlight,
When the amorous moon took the spotlight!
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