Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Cherry and Plum

Ruby Farms, farm of the sunset,
With a blooming riot of roses,
Is at the shadow of indigo night-
The hour of the deepest color!
The hues are intense as passion,
And darkly fine, as aged wine.
Beautiful, sweet violets are
Blooming near vine clad wall.
And grapevines soon will yield:
Delicious jams and jellies,
Exquisite tarts and candies,
And fragrant pies and fruit.
And lilacs wait for bouquets!
Redbirds and plum butterflies,
Flit through greenery in midair;
And the sun's like a wild cherry,
On a journey to somewhere.
The world is all so solemn now,
At the tragedy of another day,
In lively hues of cherry and plum,
At glowing evening's last sun,
Vividly vibrant like nature,
Which is extreme beauty in old age!
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