Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Another Apricot Sunrise

It was just one of those splendid days, which held no excitement;
Moreover it required none, for in its stillness, I was content.

Lying on the forest green grass, luxurious blue skies in my eyes,
Summer winds brought me nature's music, and I needed no surprise.

I found fun shapes in the clouds, and now and then I dozed off,
In a sunny, blooming meadow, watching the birds land and takeoff.

In the middle of the feverish day, just after my picnic lunch,
The afternoon came creeping in, preceding sunset's vivid punch!

As the summer shines on until, the magic flurry of autumn colors,
Or as the fine rainbow hues, emerge from dark skies with no others.

As my eyelids were drooping again, I saw a motion by the trees;
But I soon disregarded it, thinking it was caused by the breeze.

The movement was repeated however, with noplace else in motion,
Like a single wave loudly crashing, upon the wide blue ocean!

Refreshed by lunch and drowsing, I was more than ready to walk.
To begin, I'd explore the mystery, as Jack explored his beanstalk!

When I examined the shady area well, I discovered exactly nothing,
And I looked around in puzzlement, until my eye caught something.

It was a green man about my height, the exact shade of the bushes,
That camouflaged him quite well, as grouses blend with sagebrushes.

Despite his disruptive coloration, I was still able to see him.
I had always had sharp eyesight, like the stars that never dim!

I had for long believed in alien life, so I was not much afraid,
And I told him he was discovered, but he shouldn't be dismayed.

I beseeched him in sincerest terms, to trust me as a true friend,
And slowly he left his hiding place, the fine deception at an end!

To my surprise he was coral hued, with big expressive brown eyes,
That were lowered in utter shyness, but met mine after a few tries.

I gave him my warmest smile, shook his hand, and told him my name;
And smiling bashfully, and shuffling his feet, he ventured the same.

Known as Steg, from the planet Zena, his spaceship had been hidden;
And the quest for knowledge, was the reason, he'd come here unbidden.

Like the drive that ever compels us, to be learning all our lives,
Or sends bees off searching meadows, upon leaving their sweet hives!

When I asked about his shyness, he said it was common in his kind,
As natural as the ruddy sun, or violet roses somewhere it's shined!

Although Steg still acted shy, he was growing more accustomed to me,
And I wanted him to meet my friend, if there wasn't too much anxiety.

So we made plans for the next day, and then we talked about Zena,
A huge planet of thirteen moons, pink skies, and golden sun-eureka!

Zenan homes were made of glass, built in areas of dense vegetation;
And Zenans enjoyed fruits and vegetables, but none like our rations.

After talking until evening, we agreed I'd bring my friend next day.
Steg was eager to learn more of earth, on that astonishing Sunday.

And so we had a bittersweet parting, as a violet sun took its leave,
Like the blossoms of the field, which at evening begin to grieve!

The next day my best friend and I, arrived at the appointed time;
But we could find no trace of Steg, though the day grew old like wine.

Although my friend was disappointed, she swore that she understood;
For shyness at times is beyond control, as it begins in childhood.

My friend then took her leave, saying she would see me the next day;
While I lingered to search for Steg, in the sky covered breezeway.

After calling him for a short while, he emerged from a tree trunk;
For he had been with us all the time, 'til the sun had nearly sunk!

I told him that I was sorry, he had missed his golden opportunity;
But he just smiled and said to cheer up, for it wasn't yet to be.

On a coming golden tomorrow, our cosmic pathways would cross again;
And the timing would be right, to convene in friendship's domain.

We said our many fond goodbyes, and I wished Steg a pleasant voyage,
So happy that through telepathy, we could manage a common language.

And the black nights encrusted with stars, at times cause me to yearn;
But then I smile because I am certain, that one day they will return!
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