Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Visit to Quiet Town

While returning home from my job, in bustling New York City,
The blaring horns of traffic, and the noise were getting to me.

With loud yelling on the sidewalks, and cawing crows up above,
And my poor aching head, I knew that a vacation I would love!

That was how it all began, my yearning for peace and quiet;
And sweet rest and relaxation, in a place lovely and private.

So I requested my vacation time, and began to make my plans,
Like travelers of all lands, see colors of life from caravans!

I knew that a driving vacation, along the country backroads,
Would allow for great scenery, and disperse these city shadows.

A few days of happy preparation, saw me ready to head out;
And with the radio playing, I turned the car towards the south.

My plan was to visit a fond aunt, whom I'd not seen in years,
She was joyful to know I was coming, and we'd shed some tears.

I drove all the day, then stopped for dinner and needed rest.
I felt more relaxed and happy already, and far less stressed.

Like tension magically disappearing, at sight of the pale moon,
Or the fast days growing lazier, with the appearance of June!

The next morning was golden, and the birds were singing gaily,
Like the habitual sunshine itself, that presented itself daily.

I continued my elaborate tour, of the most spectacular scenery,
Along the quaint rural pathways, with the most exotic greenery!

When the road suddenly forked, I pondered which path to take,
I just went left at random, and hoped that it wasn't a mistake.

I had driven along for some time, enjoying a fragrance breeze,
When all at once it hit me, there was no birdsong in the trees!

I could hear my own thoughts, but no more croaking of the frogs,
Nor honking geese in their ponds, and no barking of the dogs.

And no wind song at all, nor any sound of the distant planes,
Which usually frequent sapphire skies, on their invisible lanes!

Before long I glimpsed the sign, indicating a town was up ahead,
And I thought to replace the quiet, with conversation instead.

So I eagerly stopped at a diner, to order iced tea and some lunch,
But I soon learned that the townspeople, weren't a talkative bunch.

Like the raucous cawing of crows, which ceases in one moment,
Adding mystery to the still noonday, since no cause is evident!

The waitress somehow took my order, without ever saying a word;
And no clattering of dishes, nor chattering of patrons was heard.

I daresay there was nowhere to be found, even a whisper of sound,
In the diner's peaceful environs, nor in the whole world around!

What was this strange locale, where every noise seemed forbidden?
Did folks keep all to themselves, each idea and emotion hidden?

My curiosity was piqued, so I decided to take a tour of this town;
And saw happy children running, and bouncing bright balls up and down.

I also saw adults communicating, by way of gestures and pointing,
In this dreamy wonderland where, deep silence seemed to be king!

All the dogs were soundless, as were the birds in the still trees,
And so was every other living thing, not excepting the honeybees!

While I ambled about the town, shadows grew towards red sunset;
And I resolved to have dinner and rest, for I couldn't leave yet.

So after a mouthwatering dinner, I checked into the town's hotel,
And enjoyed such a quiet peaceful night, that it has no parallel!

Next day I was back on the road, but somewhat loath to be leaving,
Because I knew that for this silent bliss, I soon would be grieving.

At some point along the scenic way, the road exploded into sound-
At least that's the way it seemed, for there'd been quiet all around.

Nature sounds were everywhere, and silken crows cawed in the air,
As if the world had suddenly awakened, from a dream it had to share!

My aunt and I had a lovely visit, and parted with smiles and tears,
But when I got back to the city, the sound seemed to hurt my ears!

I yearned for the beautiful quiet, and the peace that I once knew,
So I bought a rural tract of land, located far from the busy avenue.

I became a successful writer, and I am living the life that I love,
As redbirds love their lives, in the endlessly blue skies above!

I believe Quiet Towns are on the rise, for their magic is contagious.
Quiet is something we all yearn for, though of this we are not conscious.

And I am glad I just learned the lesson, which is also one quite olden,
That no matter what sunny place you go, silence will always be golden!
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