Evan L

Born in San Antonio over 2 decades ago.
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Stellar and Sorrowful

I'm the atom, destined to die, you're the binding nuclear force. When I split in two my neutrons will fly and begin their volatile course.
They'll bore into your heart, your plutonium core, and start the chain reaction. As we blast apart into lovers no more, we'll become a tragic fraction.
Never whole, just broken, a cosmological defect. Now your love is a celestial anomaly that I can't seem to detect.
The radioactive fallout has poisoned my very soul, now finding warmth in this nuclear winter has become my primary goal.
Despite all the emotion and the gravity we felt, you've banished me away to freeze in the Kuiper Belt.
I spent your love at a cosmic casino, too drunk to see its worth. Now we don't interact as if you were a neutrino passing unimpeded through the earth.
My neurons scream, the axons quiver, the synapses fire and force me to shiver. My liver is scarred and tired, my kidneys are swollen and aching, my sense of direction expired and my self control is breaking.
Your eyes were like candles in nebulae, tear ducts dripping wax. So like a star that can't sustain its fusion, I will implode and collapse.
The resulting supernova will be the final echo of my quiet sobs at night, and the ensuing black hole will consume all wavelengths in every beam of light.
No particle, no quantum data, will escape those jaws of density. I hope that you'll forgive me if it's in your cardiac propensity.
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