Esther Cooper

Jamaica, New York

Me And My Diet

I know I'm fat, I'll admit that,
Once I thought about going on a diet,
Definitely made up my mind, I'll try it,
For breakfast had coffee and half an English muffin,
Then took a long walk, until I started huffin and puffin,
Celery and carrots, ate for lunch,
Devoured every bite with a crunch,
The hours dragged, how I missed my afternoon snack,
I'm used to eating nuts and candy bars, by the pack,
Finally for dinner, a small salad and broiled fish,
How long can I go on with this boring dish?
I miss my bread, cake, and ice-cream,
Getting off this diet next month is my dream,
Finally! A month passed, I got on the scale,
Did I lose weight, or did my diet fail?
Yes! It feels so good to be a winner,
You have to lose to win,
If you wish to become thin.
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