Estelle Jackson

April 13th, 1977, England
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Rhythm of the Ocean

Ocean in constant motion.
Sparkling waves, disordered and
Emanating from random directions,
Crash against rock faces with staggering force.
Glistening, dynamic, tremendous and strong;
So unpredictable.

Simmering cauldron, bubbling and glimmering,
A beautiful sight; close your eyes and you'll
Capture a moment, a vision, a frame;
Enduring image, yet static and still.
Consider the movement, the dynamism which drives
These momentary frames towards a peak, a new form,
And back again.

As multiple waves
Collide to create crashing, cascading spray,
Silvery droplets are suspended in space
Before descending towards their limitless source.
Sunlight caresses the restless waves, which
Dance and shine irresistibly in this
Shimmering liquid paradise.
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