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Incomprehensible femininity

My dear Erato, I would really like to say
you grow more comely in every way
and this poor poet would hate to lose
such a lovely and adorable Muse.

Through your eyes like deep pools of mystery
into the sweet labyrinth of your mind I see
and wander down those enigmatic ways
discovering the riches your mind displays.

I am learning to look beyond the flesh
to see your character and loveliness.
For years my vision was confined to earth
but now I see you for all that you're worth.

For my short-sightedness had blinded me
to your hidden qualities and your beauty.
The elegance and grandeur of your grace
and the attractive smile upon your face.

Your life of poetry and righteousness
I now see in all its exquisiteness.
The lovely character your life displays
with rhyme and poetry I now praise.

But I, driven by my masculinity
cannot comprehend such femininity.
To me, its so alluring and, you’ll always be
full of intrigue and mystery to me
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