Emma Fields

My Friends

(Dedicated to Melissa Finseth and Alisha Cole)
I came to know you both in the third grade
when you told me you wanted to be my friend I knew I had it
We've supported each other from the start
and I knew that no one could ever bring us apart.
But from the very start I knew it was a lie
and now whenever I think about it I feel I could cry.
We've helped each other through good times and bad
and you both would help me out when I would happen to get
Most important when sad you're always there
showing me how much you value our friendship and how
This past year has been so much worse
I feel as if I've been granted a curse.
Even though I won't be back for many years
I'll guarantee you both, that I'll think of you many times a day
You both know that I do not want to depart
but I must do what is good and what is smart.
Although I am in a different place than you both are
that doesn't mean anything to me, especially when we turn
We can see each other at any time
and using the phone isn't committing a crime.
We can keep in touch by writing every week or every day
even if it is just to say 'Hey! '
There is only one small fear I have before I depart
and that is the fact that we might grow apart.
All I need is a promise from you
that that will never come true.
My promise to you is you both will always be my friends and
no matter what comes up we'll always be friends til the end!
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