Ellen Hillman

A Self Evaluation

So much passion.
It all crashes into each other.
It bursts through the cracks,

Until the dam breaks and it overflows.
The passion for passion
And the passion for others’ passions;

It inspires so much love and warmth
And maybe this is the glint,
Or the spark, that they mentioned?

But am I allowed to think in this way?
Wouldn’t it be more romantic
If I were unaware of being special?


Where is the line between confidence and arrogance?
Because I think that they are both myths of our society.
They’re myths that we still worship.

And yet back to myself.
I enjoy the aesthetic of a broken world seen from bitter, better-knowing eyes.
And scathing remarks are a fun kind of humour,

But I still prefer to grin with my eyes...
Because if the world is this grey,
Surely I should decorate it with yellow if I can.
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