Elizabeth Masereti

August 28, 1995- Kisii, Kenya
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Daughter of The Night

Identity can't bring self closer,
The skies can't hide it either,
Color can't speak against it,
Is my skin worth?

I speak a different language,
One that defines me better,
My race ain't my skin,
Is my skin worth?

My experiences shape my soul,
Revolution I bring with me,
The stars speak a familiar language,
Is my skin worth?

The night shades the sun,
I rose from ashes to unmask me,
I speak widely at dusk,
Is my skin worth?

My skin too deep for its existence,
Or maybe am me but not me enough,
Stereotypically am all labels,
Is my skin worth?

Can anyone see my insecurities,
Hidden too well to speak out,
I see emotions too deep,
Is my skin worth?

Can my roots be traced,
Does my skin stretch far over& wide,
Does it say what the heart is afraid of,
Is my skin worth?

I like identity more than reality,
I like the thought of me more than me,
I keep it twisted,
Is my skin worth?

Daughter of the night,
I'd let me ask myself,

Is my skin worth?

I'd let melanin decide,
Perhaps identity renounce,
Maybe DNA describe,
Perception pronounce,
Fiction imagine,
Reality recognize,
Dreams fantasize,
Intuition reserve,

Is my skin worth?

Kwamboka Masereti
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