Ela Omoosin

In the City of Ibadan on a Wednesday, I infiltrated this world.
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Sanctuary of Solace

In the embrace of womanhood, a heart's warmth resides,
Kindness bestowed, where humanity confides.
Guiding lost souls through the sea's gentle sweep,
A sanctuary of solace, where hearts find retreat.

Seeds sown by your hand flourish and bloom,
Eden's dream realized, dispelling all gloom.
Love's uncharted depths, a treasure so rare,
A sunflower's triumph, petals unfurling with flair.

Your radiance paints fields with hues of gold,
A tale of timeless pride, gracefully bold.
Within my heart, your luminescence persists,
Like moonlit whispers and the night's tender mists.

Blessed to bring blessings, you elevate souls on high,
An earthly angel, spreading wings to touch the sky.
A heartbeat echoes softly, where your essence resides,
An inspiration, a love that the universe guides.
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