Ebe Lourdu

October 7,2000 - India
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Throbbing pain of red rose

My heart in pain, my soul insane.
My life is dry, my heart does cry.
My beautiful red rose,
Whom my heart did chose..

Your eyes were rubies,
That sparkled so bright.
Your face was light,
That shone in the night.

Your talks, dripping drops of honey,
Your face, a cute little bunny.
Your hands, so soft as cotton ,
Touching them, I feel myself forgotten.

But now your heart, hard as stone,
Lost their fame and they didn't shone.
Your eyes so sharp,
Poked me with pain.

Giving me the pain, all in vain.
By doing so, what do you gain?.

I want my rose, that once was red,
To keep my heart, to be fed.
I want the light, that shone in the night,
To create a magnificent sight.
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