Earl Grubb

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You know my name

I set upon my hardy stead and survey the land . His color is pale up to his mane and crown. Do you know my name. The is land is now filled with calamity and pestilence a foreboding sign. Inheritance from the ancestors who dug from the ground and flung to the air without any bind. Do you know my name. Greed and malice has spawn this tide. And stewardship of this land has been lost through the stride. Do you know my name. Though speed of knowledge has tripled on fold. Wisdom has been lost as told in the book of old. And the spawn of evil and false prophets make there stand. Fools of follie with names of Thump Pout and Xing portray to their followers a superior command. Do you know my name .Will this lot stay the course and bring forth the apocalypse foretold My followers await for they are many Legion amongst them whose reigns of this stead they ultimately hold. Do you know my name. My name is written by a biblical sriib. It is in the book of Revelation which you can confide. You face me every day with good and bad. I am the last stand that will come upon this land. You know my name
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