Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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Unmatched Patriotism

In wind, the stripes making it alive,
A fish swimming up the current,
Bold, vibrant and strong they are,
Fluttering, rendering me hypnotized,
Is it the blue of the wheel on the white canvas,
Or is it the brilliant color and it's hue?
I take a moment to drink in the sight,
Living my dreams, loving this beauty of India.

Is it just the monumental incredibility,
Or the one where the smile all day long?
One nation under God? The ethnicity, the culture,
The green running through us, a bond, or the saffron standing in valor?
Filling my heart with the spotless peace of it,
The unmatched magic, intertwining our hands,
Intertwining them strong, as much as our hands,
It's in the blue of it's skies, the golden of it's sands.

Happily lost in a trance of patriotism, I suppose,
But I know it's hard to resist some spells,
And my country, it's letters engraved deep in my veins,
It's lap nurturing a mini-me, casting it's spell,
A distant smile forming on my face, is it pride?
Even the taste of freedom licking at my skin,
Vivid shades of independence shining in sight,
I bow my head, marveling with each breath.
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