Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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Soul Sister

I was not the perfect friend,
Or the neat and tidy,
But you had enough love in your heart,
And your heart led the steady rhythm within.

I came with frayed edges, and scratches,
So contrasting to your friendship bright with colors,
You make the cradle for my soul,
The very fabric which keeps me warm.

There is no whiskey in the finest of lounges,
There is no fun in street dancing unless,
I have your faith in me, your love,
The celebration pounding in me from within.

I thank the universe that our life-paths are bound so intricately,
Contrast and hue, bright, and saturated,
And now I say you have a piece of my heart,
And I'll protect the piece you lent me, elated.

Now I say I am your best friend,
doesn't mean I love you,
Not because I am not attracted,
Just because, I'm not a lesbian!

And I promise I'll stay with you in times of heartbreak,
And the guy who broke your heart must have his mind checked,
Because your friendship was the kind that bloomed in my heart,
And the grandeur and enormity of it, is too heavy for me to behold.

And just now, I checked Insta,
And a certain- 'It's okay' after months was just enough to rip my heart,
Not because of the hatred I had,
But because, you were a friend, I don't deserve to have.
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