Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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Of Angels And Their Tales

The angel has chosen the light regardless of personal cost,
The demons in vain chose darkness in hopes of comfort,
So, tough angels have wings of fire, breath of flame,
For they have opened their souls to the fire, they are angelic, they are strong.

The angel has loved for years now, going the extra mile to love,
They are the victims, of exquisite emotional pain, and fear of touch,
They think if one knows what love is, you'll see what the light is trying to show,
What you already have been carrying an instinct for.

And 'cause she was my angel, I fell for her demons first,
I was the devil, yet she gave me a reason to want the heaven,
Affecting souls was a part of her job, yet so pathetic,
She was the proof that one could walk through hell, and still be an angel.

And she always whispers in my ears,
That she'll always be by my side,
I might walk down the deserted, dark alleys,
And she'll hold my dreams in her fragile, yet strong arms.

If the light illuminates your heart,
You will find your way home,
And till date, grandma quietly tells,
Of Angels in Far lands, and their tales.
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