Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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The air breeze flows past me,
Escaping through the strands of my open hair,
A sister of watery depths and beauty,
The silent ocean stand before me, with a lot to declare.

She flows over the mountains and depths of the trenches,
reaching around the globe in an strong embrace,
even with her hold, she gives me freedom,
Transparent and blue, soft and strong.

She breathes, her chest heaving and falling,
The waves become her pulse,
the echo of the souls she kept safe,
In her soft cradle of brine.

The sunset was an orange paint across,
Beautiful smudges of coral, lavender and turquoise,
Salty water laid itself down,
At my bare, sand-encrusted feet.

A warm feeling of strength and safety cocooned me,
As the sun dipped beyond the horizon,
The vast ocean in front of me was my home,
And I was always home alone.
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