Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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In The World, Alone

I had almost mastered being so alone,
Separated everybody's life from my own,
The only heart beating in the house was mine,
It made everything, so easy though.

My brain became a blazing cold fire,
Perhaps to myself, I was a liar,
Neither joy found me, nor I found me,
Lost in the depths of the turbulent sea?

Just a strange place, just a strange time,
The kids wouldn't yell, church bells wouldn't chime,
In summers, I suffered from numb frostbite,
To me, myself, I was a horrendous sight.

Darkness swirled around my colored form on bed,
Tendrils of of inkling bleak reminders of ahead,
The silence echoing in my ears became the constant noise,
Shut up! I yelled, yet they played me, as if I was one of their toys.

My head now burns with the blazing fire inside,
The only smoldering embers of a time I didn't hide,
But now, the void had slowly filled up with a cold,
Utterly alone, mind, body and heart, I was alone in the world.
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