Devan Delfano Sedasus

March 3, 2000 - Poem Land, Dream Land, and The Land of Unknown, Nothingness, and Blankness

My Biography

I come in peace
I come to write
I come to create
I come to make
I come to find
I come to discover
I come to enjoy
I come to flow
I come to burn
To burn in passion
To burn in flames
in the flames of passion
in the flames of happiness
in the flames of creativity
in the blue flames of practicality
in the blue flames of Gehena
in the blue flames of Beelzebub
in the blue flames of warmth
in the red flames of ignorance
in the violet flames of the unknown
in the silver flames of darkness
in the bright flames of age
in the youthful flames of wrinkles
in the tenderness of human meat
in the kindness of a mother's heart
in the minds of the great
I welcome you to my profile
The great imaginary poet
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