Delmar Pepper

Olympia, Washington


Cattails, willow brush and slew grass,
Stand as sentries to those who pass.
A silent obstacle, without dimension.
"Marshland", what is my intention?

Gun loaded and trusting to my luck,
I went forward looking for a duck
What to do if a duck should fly?
Helpless me, the brush is in my eye.

A noise and movement at my feet,
I come alive with a backward leap.
There on the ground walking in my way,
A moving blob I saw as brown and grey.

I raised my gun and fired straight ahead.
The threat is over...the beast is dead.
A beautiful beaver, my lifeless prey.
A useless killing, what can I say?

Why did I shoot...impulse or instinct?,
I don't know...and it causes me to think.
A senseless act caused a life to end.
A nemesis for life I can't amend.
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