Debra Robertson

November 11, 1960 - Australia
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On the death of my daughter’s cat

Lenny! What a gorgeous boy!
Ginger and soft and smart
A playful cat, a loving cat
Reb’s soulmate, the essence of her heart.

Lenny loved to chase crumpled paper
He would bat it and Pat it And roll it forward
He would roll on his back and hug it
Lenny was never bored.

He would stretch out and relax
Enjoying the warmth of the sun
He purred softly
Assured that he was ‘the one’.

And he was.
Reb loved him like no other
They were a perfect match.
Reb and Lenny, Lenny and Reb
snuggling up warm and cosy in bed.
Lenny was a confidante, a best friend
If only it would never end.
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